Accessing your savings


Contact us by phone, by email or by completing the Shares Withdrawal Form on the Forms page of this website and returning it to the office or one of our Information Points and we will transfer the money from your shares account to your bank account. This will usually be done on the same day if the request is received by 11am. Please remember that our office is only open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Payments will normally be in your bank account by 5:30pm.

ENGAGE pre-paid debit card

This is the easiest way to access your savings at any time of day or night. You can use this card in exactly the same way as any Visa card to withdraw cash from an ATM, buy goods and services in shops or online. You can only spend the money on your card and cannot overdraw.
There is a monthly fee and charges for some transactions but you can also earn rewards at some familiar High Street outlets. You will be told the details when you apply.

How do I get a card?
* You must be a member of Hastings & Rother Credit Union.

     * Apply for your card by completing the form on our website.

     * Activate the card by mobile phone.

Once you’ve got the card:

    * Ask us to load the card from your savings.  Please be aware that Engage load requests will be made the same day if received by 3pm on one of our working days (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) however they may not be immediate.


     * Have benefits or any other payments made direct to your card by quoting the individual sort code and account number attached to the card.

     * You can keep track of your card balance online.