Opening an account

There is a fee of £4 when you open your account. This is non-returnable. We also require you to pay at least £2 into your savings account.

 If you are a tenant of either Optivo (formerly AmicusHorizon) or Orbit South housing associations, there are special arrangements in place to make opening an account easier. Ask your housing officer about this.

In addition there is a £4 annual membership fee which is deducted automatically from each account at the beginning of October each year.

Complete the membership application form on the Forms page and bring it along to one of our Information Points along with proof of identity: ideally your photo driving licence or passport plus at least 2 official documents with your address: e.g. Council Tax statement, HMRC or DWP letter, rent book, tenancy agreement, gas bill, electricity bill, landline telephone bill, water bill. If you haven’t got either of the first two, we may accept a copy of your birth certificate.

Junior Savers
Anybody under the age of 18 can become a Junior Saver. They cannot take out a loan or take part in the Annual General and other meetings but can save for the future. They will need to be sponsored by a current adult member – usually a parent or grand-parent. They automatically become a full member on their 18th birthday. Download the application form from the Forms page.