It is important to look after our finances and make sure we always get good value for money.

It makes sense to save if you  can; even a small amount each week will soon mount up. It gives you a bit of a “safety net” when you suddenly need to buy a new washing machine or to pay an unexpected bill. We also offer Junior Saver accounts for members under the age of 18; Junior Savers do not pay an annual membership fee so every penny goes towards their savings.

Many people saving for Christmas lost out with the collapse of Farepak a few years ago. If you save with a credit union, you know your money is safe as it is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (details  available on the Regulatory Information page of this website.) For more details, visit the FSCS website.

You can pay into the Credit Union by cheque payable to ‘Hastings & Rother Credit Union’, by Standing Order from your bank account or at your local PayPoint. Your savings are referred to as “shares” as they give you a vote in the running of the Credit Union. We do not pay interest on shares but a dividend may be paid from any surplus at the end of the year decided by a vote by members at the Annual General Meeting.

You can withdraw from your savings at any time by completing the Share Withdrawal Form and returning it to the office or one of our Information Points.  You will need to give us a few days notice as our Information Points do not  hold cash. The withdrawal can be by cheque  or direct into your bank account by BACS.

A pre-paid VISA debit card is available for instant access