Supervisory Committee Member

Location:  Home and office      

Time:  Either in or out of office hours

Estimate of time needed:

5 hours per month, committee meetings are currently held on Zoom once a month for two hours, will require at least one visit a month to the office in Hastings town centre.

Skills and/or qualifications needed:

You must hold a suitable finance or audit qualification or be able to demonstrate significant experience in either area. Training in Credit Union regulation and finance will be provided.

Looking to give back to your community? We need volunteers to join our Supervisory Committee which is responsible for monitoring the Credit Union’s internal audit functions and regulatory reporting. We are undergoing a period of rapid transformation and growth with changes to our IT systems and services giving applicants the opportunity to make an impact on the direction of the credit union at a pivotal time. Each member owns a share of the credit union and has a say on the running of the credit union.

What will you be doing?

Hastings & Rother Credit Union is led by a Board of Directors elected by members. Our Supervisory Committee operates independently of the Board of Directors and oversees the internal audit work of the credit union.

This work includes:

  •  checking of transactional work undertaken by staff and volunteers
  •  reviewing outsourced functions
  • Monitoring internal processes; ensuring that there are adequate safeguards in place and where necessary working with the Board Compliance Officer
  • Our Supervisory Committee normally meets once a month for about two hours and undertakes periodic visits to our town centre office to undertake checks.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for volunteers who have either significant finance and audit experience or relevant qualifications to meet our regulatory requirements.

What difference will you make?

This is a chance to use your skills and time to make a difference to a not-for-profit organisation that aims to deliver affordable, straightforward savings and loans to everyone in Hastings and Rother, keeping people away from illegal loan sharks and high-cost lending. To keep our costs and charges to members down we rely on volunteers who bring their skills to our organisation.

What is in it for the volunteer?

This is a great chance to improve your skills, gain new knowledge, network with other ethical professionals, and boost your career experience. We belong to the Association of British Credit Unions which gives us the opportunity to work with other credit unions, take part in training sessions, forums, and meetings as well as access specialist advice and support. We also provide ongoing training.

You will have the opportunity to work with staff and volunteers who have a wide range of skills and expertise and help us deliver our services across our common bond area of Hastings & Rother and make a real difference to people’s financial situation.

How to apply:

Please contact Dawn Poole at or 01424 202651 (Tuesday, Thursday, or Fridays) for more information and an application form.